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UltraZap®OdorVac Now Available In a Range of Colors

In response to the growing demand for PPI's odor control technology, UltraZap®OdorVac active absorbents are now available in a range of pad colors – including rose and white – which enable fresh protein processors to choose the absorbent color that is ideally suited for their particular protein and packaging design. Learn More.

PPI Receives Accreditation From British Retail Consortium

Paper Pak Industries' La Verne, California and Washington, Georgia manufacturing facilities have been accredited by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The BRC accreditation confirms PPI's longstanding commitment to adhere to the industry's best manufacturing, operations and management practices. PPI is the first absorbent manufacturer in North America to achieve BRC accreditation, assuring our customers that PPI's absorbent packaging products adhere to the highest food quality standards. Learn More.

PPI's Food Safety Pads Are Thinner, Lighter, and More Absorbent

Paper Pak Industries' UltraZap® absorbent food safety pads are the smarter, greener choice for food processors, grocery retailers, and distributors. UltraZap pads are more absorbent than the leading competitive pad - gram-for-gram, our pads absorb more while using fewer raw materials. Plus, PPI's recycled cellulose pad is thinner and lighter, which provides significant operational efficiencies for our customers. Learn More.

UltraZapXtendaPak® Extends Freshness and Grows Sales Naturally

UltraZapXtendaPak is a revolutionary active absorbent pad designed to extend freshness by maintaining the product's sensory features: color, texture and smell. UltraZapXtendaPak reduces the bacterial growth in packaged meat, poultry, fish and produce, thus maintaining product appearance as the product ages inside the package. Learn More.

Natural Tissue Core Is The Smarter, Greener Choice

Paper Pak Industries' UltraZapEnviroPak® is made from 100% secondary fiber that is produced with a chlorine-free and bleach-free process that requires less energy and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. UltraZapEnviroPak Natural Tissue is approved by the USDA and FDA for food contact, is biodegradable, compostable and just as effective, safe, and absorbent as bleached white tissue. Learn More.

Applying Technology And Science To Absorbent Mediums

Paper Pak Industries continues to pioneer the commercial absorbency market, with two vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, a modern microbiology lab, a research center, and a results-driven corporate culture. Learn More.

Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents In Your Facility

UltraZapSpillGuard pads are a fast and safe way to initialize the spill clean up process, mark an area as a hazard, and minimize liability damages for negligence. Learn More.

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