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Discover a Better Way to Protect Cargo

Commercial shipments of organic and inorganic commodities are susceptible to damage from condensation within the shipping container. This natural phenomenon, known as Cargo Rain, is the result of dramatic swings in temperature and relative humidity (RH) during transport.

The Containair Moisture Management System utilizes Paper Pak Industries' patent-protected active packaging technology – the ideal active constituent is spread across the layers of the company's superior cellulose structure.

When the shipping container doors were opened at the conclusion of the shipment, the atmosphere inside the container realized an immediate increase in relative humidity, demonstrating the powerful effect of the Containair Moisture Management System.

Containair™ is an innovative active absorbent system that protects cargo from condensation damage during inter-modal and long distance shipments.

Containair combines an active ingredient – calcium chloride – and a layered, highly absorbent tissue to convert excess water vapor to moisture that is then safely retained inside the sealed edge pad.

Versus Standard Desiccants, Containair Offers Several Unique Features:

  • Containair's highly absorbent cellulose core and evenly-spread active ingredient capture, wick and retain moisture more effectively
  • A larger surface area enables Containair to work quicker, converting water vapor to moisture faster
  • Moisture is absorbed by the pad's non-woven side, while the film side provides an impervious barrier between the trapped moisture and the cargo, thereby reducing the risk of damage
  • The compact design improves the application time and disposal process

Field Tests Demonstrate the Effectiveness Of the Ultimate Moisture Management System

Containair outperforms standard cargo desiccants by controlling the relative humidity inside a shipping container faster, even in adverse conditions.

The field test was completed over a six week period while transporting grain across the Equator in extremely adverse conditions. Containair successfully lowered the relative humidity throughout the journey, thus protecting the organic cargo from damage related to condensation.

Containair Packaging and Specifications

Containair features a highly absorbent, layered crepe tissue and a printed film backing that provides a protective barrier between the trapped moisture and the cargo.

Each Container absorbent pad is individually vacuum-packed in order to protect the product's integrity.

The two ends provide an easy location to cut open the vacuum package immediately prior to use.

Commercial-strength tape strips at both ends of the pad allow Containair to be easily adhered to the cargo.

The on-pack usage instructions are presented in three different languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Measuring 27" high by 88" wide, three Containair pads can absorb up to 31 lbs. of liquid while affecting the atmosphere in a 40' shipping container.

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Containair's active ingredient quickly converts excess water vapor into moisture that is safely retained inside the sealed pad's layered absorbent tissue core. The impervious barrier between the trapped moisture and the cargo protects minimizes the risk of damage.

Cargo Rain Soaks Shipping Industry's Bottomline

Both organic and inorganic products are susceptible to damage from condensation during transport. The net effect of Cargo Rain is diminished product quality, financial losses, and increased administrative costs.

Install the System In Three
Simple Steps

Each Containair system box includes three vacuum-packed sets of absorbent pads. Simply remove the pads from the vacuum packages and place one set on top of the cargo in the front, middle and back of the shipping container. The Containair system will quickly affect and maintain the atmosphere in the closed shipping container.


Inorganic Commodities Are Vulnerable To Condensation

Protecting inorganic products against condensation, rust and corrosion during shipment is critical. Machinery, auto parts, metal products, furniture, textiles and electronics are extremely vulnerable to moisture during transport, particularly in long distance, inter-modal shipments.

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