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Improving Consumer Satisfaction One Package At a Time

Consumers prefer to buy packaged meat, poultry, seafood and produce with little or no excess juice. A clean, appealing package can mean the difference between a lifelong customer and a dissatisfied shopper.

The leading grocery retailers and processors of fresh beef, poultry, seafood, and fresh fruit and vegetables prefer PPI's range of value-added absorbent products. Discover how Paper Pak Industries can help you improve consumer satisfaction one package at a time.


Active absorbent pad extends the freshness of meat, poultry, seafood and produce


Active absorbent pad minimize bacterial growth, thus promoting the product's safety


Earth-friendly pad improves the natural disposal of absorbent food safety pads


UltraZap pouch pad with super absorbents, complies with FDA regulations


A concealed EAS sensor inside an UltraZap pad reduces theft-related shrink


Improves the shelf appeal of protein products displayed at an angle


Improves the shelf appeal and safety of rotisserie chicken packages


Signature pouch pad, sealed on all four sides


Layered high crepe tissue pad


Cellulose pad quickly absorbs leaks or spills in meat and dairy display cases


An innovative fresh food package that extends the shelf life of fresh-cut produce by slowing the product's respiration rate


Active absorbent that simultaneously captures any confinement odors and reduces bacterial growth in the purge

PPI: A Pioneer and Innovator For Over 50 Years

Paper Pak Industries pioneered the absorbent food pad market in the 1960's. Today, PPI offers the most innovative line of absorbent products to the world's leading food processors and retailers, medical facilities and industrial manufacturers. Learn More.

A Team of Absorbent Experts Across the Globe

Paper Pak's team of absorbency experts now spans across four continents: North America, South America, Europe and Asia. To find a PPI absorbency expert near you, click here.

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