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UltrazapXtendaPak Red Meat

Maintain Freshness and Control Odor, Naturally

Vacuum packaged fresh proteins often suffer from confinement odors, as the barrier film used to prevent oxygen transmission also prevents the trace amounts of odor-causing molecules to escape.

Consumers, after opening a vacuum packaged protein, typically associate confinement odors with spoilage bacteria and then discard or return the fresh protein for full credit.

UltraZap®OdorVac is a revolutionary active absorbent that simultaneously captures any confinement odors and reduces bacterial growth in the purge.

Patented and patents pending, UltraZapOdorVac features a proprietary mix of active ingredients and anti-microbials designed specifically for vacuum packages.

The active ingredients captures any odor molecules being formed while the anti-microbials slow down bacterial growth, thus reducing amino acid breakdown and the formation of odor molecules.

Ultrazap OdorVac

Because there is no headspace in a vacuum package, odor molecules are drawn into the liquid phase (purge). The purge is effectively trapped by the UltraZapOdorVac absorbent, providing the opportunity for the active ingredients to capture these odor-causing compounds.

Realize Immediate Benefits with UltraZapOdorVac

Protein processors and retail grocers will realize immediate benefits by using the UltraZapOdorVac food safety absorbent:

  • Reduces bacteria and offensive odors inside the package
  • Protein will show less purge and stay fresher longer
  • Protein is fresher at the sell-by date
  • Provides additional protection throughout the cold chain cycle
  • Reduces consumer returns and related shrink costs
  • Protects processor and retailer's brand equity
  • Active ingredients are GRAS, comply with USDA regulations, and require no additional labeling modifications

A Superior Food Safety Absorbent

In addition to UltraZapOdorVac's proprietary mix of active ingredients and anti-microbials, the absorbent includes the features that the leading protein processors and grocery retailers prefer:

  • Our signature UltraZap® pouch pads are more absorbent than the leading competitive pad gram-for-gram, UltraZap pads absorb more while using fewer raw materials
  • UltraZap pads are thinner and lighter, which provides significant operational efficiencies for our customers
  • UltraZap is sealed on all four sides and features a highly creped cellulose absorbent core that locks in moisture
  • UltraZap's layered cellulose effectively wicks purge inside the pad, unlike fluff pads that do not fully wick purge and tend to allow fluff particles to burst out

To learn how UltraZapOdorVac can enhance your vacuum packaging system, contact our Vice-President, Sales & Marketing John Terrien directly via email at .

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