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Innovation Team

Bob Bova
Vice President,
Business Development

Bob Bova's nearly forty-year career in the meat and poultry industry has included increasingly responsible positions in product research and development, operations, marketing and sales.

While working for industry leaders including Cargill and Farmland Foods, Bob contributed to the development of numerous new retail and food service products and packaging systems.

Bob utilizes his broad range of food industry experience to identify opportunities to promote food safety and extend the freshness and shelf life of perishable foods.

In addition, Bob works with PPI's product technology team to identify, develop and deliver active absorbent technology to the medical, industrial and transportation industries.

Bob is a past president of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association and is an active member of several community organizations.

Personal Insights

"PPI is the leader in active absorbent packaging technology. I enjoy working with fresh food processors and retailers to identify opportunities to integrate PPI's technology in order to maximize the freshness, safety and marketability of packaged fresh protein and produce."

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