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Innovation Team

Harvey Nafius
Vice President,

Harvey Nafius utilizes his diverse 35-year background in engineering, manufacturing, administration and project management to successfully oversee Paper Pak Industries' two vertically integrated manufacturing facilities.

Harvey is directly responsible for managing the paper mills and tissue converting operations at PPI's two bi-coastal plants, including the application of active constituents inside the company's superior layered cellulose structure.

Harvey is a major contributor to PPI's progressive Metrics Management system that monitors the company's operations, including productivity, safety and customer service.

Harvey and his team closely review all facets of PPI's manufacturing operations so that the company maintains its reputation as the industry's most efficient manufacturer with the best on-time delivery rates and highest case fill rates.

Harvey is one of the original architects of PPI's Clean Green environmental program that saves thousands of trees annually, conserves natural resources, reuses recycled products, reduces and composts waste, cleans process water, and emits fewer greenhouse gases.

Personal Insights

"Paper Pak Industries has been a pioneer in the absorbent industry since 1960. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with my associates to develop a range of revolutionary products for food, medical and safety applications."

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