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Innovation Team

Ron Leach
Chief Executive Officer

With over 35 years of experience in plastics and packaging across a broad array of industries and processes, Ron Leach serves as PPI's Chief Executive Officer.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Ron has a demonstrated track record of turnaround and growth in global packaging and industrial companies.

He excels at defining a market-focused strategy and competitive positioning, aligning the business structure to deliver growth and defining resources to execute on the strategy.

Ron previously served as the President and CEO of Tegrant Corporation, a diversified packaging company serving the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, automotive and appliance industries.

Prior to Tegrant, Ron served as President of SCA Packaging North America and as CEO of Alloyd Corporation.

Personal Insights

"PPI is recognized for product quality, innovation, and dedicated customer service. Our suite of innovative absorbent-based products improves consumer satisfaction and patient care around the world. We are focused on workplace safety, knowing that the well being of our associates is critical and paramount to fulfilling the company's mission. PPI's strives for continual improvement, implementing the safest, most progressive business and manufacturing processes throughout the organization."

Visit PPI At Our Next Trade Show

To learn more about Paper Pak's rapidly growing line of absorbent products, please visit us at our next trade show event. Click here to find a Paper Pak Industries trade show near you.

Turn to PPI's Team of Experts

Several key attributes should be considered when selecting the product that solves your absorbent need. Our team of experts is trained to work with you to analyze your absorbent and safety requirements so that the ideal product solution is integrated into your system. Learn More.

Network of Absorbent Experts Around the World

PPI's global network of absorbency experts and distributors offers grocery retailers, food processors, packaging manufacturers, medical professionals, and the safety industry a complete range of standard and value-added absorbent products. Learn More.

Natural, Compostable and Food-Safe Absorbent Core

UltraZapEnviroPak is a range of biodegradable products that improve the natural disposal of active absorbents. Our UltraZapEnviroPak Terra absorbent food pads are biodegradable and compostable per ASTM 6400 standards and comply with FDA/USDA (USA) and European food packaging standards. Learn More.

Applying Technology And Science To Absorbent Mediums

Paper Pak Industries continues to pioneer the commercial absorbency market, with two vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, a modern microbiology lab, a research center, and a results-driven corporate culture. Learn More.

A Team of Absorbent Experts Across the Globe

Paper Pak's team of absorbency experts now spans across four continents: North America, South America, Europe and Asia. To find a PPI absorbency expert near you, click here.

Multiple Locations Provide Logistics Advantages

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants are strategically located on the East and West Coasts of the United States, assuring our customers that we can quickly respond to their absorbent product needs. Each facility is vertically integrated, allowing PPI to control every facet of the manufacturing process. Learn More.

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