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Scott Aldas
Chief Financial Officer

Scott Aldas is a seasoned and results-oriented Chief Financial Officer and licensed CPA with over 25 years' experience in the pulp and paper, food packaging and medical products manufacturing industries.

Scott has a proven track record in leading finance teams in day-to-day operations, including accounting, cost accounting, cash management, budgeting and planning and statutory and management reporting.

As PPI's CFO, Scott is responsible for all aspects of the Finance, Accounting and Information Technology departments. Over the last 15 years, Scott has spearheaded numerous business process improvement initiatives that were instrumental to the company's success while also ensuring that PPI is in compliance with all applicable accounting standards.

Recently, Scott led a team that implemented a major upgrade to PPI's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that enables PPI to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the company's manufacturing operations.

Personal Insights

"I am an advocate of leading through empowerment and team building. At PPI, we encourage open and transparent communication, knowing that this approach promotes an environment of high standards and accountability so that we can deliver on internal as well as external commitments and expectations."

PPI: An Efficient, Socially Conscious Company

Paper Pak Industries has been recognized at the city, county, and state levels for our Clean Green recycling and energy conservation efforts. Our Clean Green environmental program is saving thousands of trees annually, conserving natural resources, reusing recycled products, reducing and composting waste, cleaning process water, and emitting fewer greenhouse gases. Learn More.

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