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Market Research

Consumers Prefer Packages with Absorbent Food Pads

Eye-appealing meat, poultry, seafood and produce packages that are free from excess juice - coupled with clean display cases - drive purchases and consumer satisfaction in retail perishable departments.

A consumer market research study confirms 85 percent of shoppers prefer an absorbent food pad in their packages of fresh meat, poultry, and seafood.

More than 90 percent of consumers recognize absorbent pads' value for controlling excess fluids and natural juices. Shoppers appreciate absorbent pads for their important benefits:

  • prevents juices from leaking outside the package
  • keeps perishable foods fresher and cleaner
  • eliminates mess in grocery carts, bags, cars and at home
  • enhances overall appearance of packaged fresh foods
  • improves customer satisfaction

74% of consumers noted that absorbent pads prevent juices from leaking on the kitchen counter, floor, or in the refrigerator once the package has been opened.

54% of consumers believe that absorbent pads keep meats from clinging to the foam tray.

Consumers Voice Their Opinion

"I believe it helps to keep the meat looking healthier and neater...and more appealing to the purchaser."

"It gives me a sense of security, that the meat or poultry is fresh. I feel that it is cleaner."

"It is much neater with a pad, especially after I open the package, less leaks."

"I believe it keeps a cleaner and neater package and keeps some freshness within the product."

Source: InsightExpress¨ Household Shoppers Panel

Choose the Best Absorbent Product For You

Paper Pak Industries' broad line of absorbent products provides food marketers the ability to choose the ideal absorbent solution for your packaging environment. Several key attributes should be considered when selecting the PPI product that solves your absorbent need. Learn More.

UltraZapSafePak Protects Your Store and Customers

UltraZapSafePak is an active absorbent that maintains the safety and appearance of packaged proteins. UltraZapSafePak active pads include an anti-microbial ingredient that reduces the bacterial growth inside the food safety pad and in the purge. Learn More.

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