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CompressionPak Increases Logistics Efficiencies

Paper Pak Industries has developed a new packaging system that maximizes the efficiency of our case packs.

CompressionPak increases the number of Zap or UltraZap food safety pads per case upwards of 35 percent - with no change in shipping carton size. The system offers several benefits to our customers:

  • Immediate Cube Savings. CompressionPak products take up less space in a warehouse or storeroom, and on a truck. The incremental number of pads in a case reduces the number of cases that need to be shipped and stored.
  • Administrative Savings. More food pads on a truck results in fewer purchase orders and invoices, therefore allowing administrative staff to focus on other issues.
  • Better Box Performance. CompressionPak boxes have more internal integrity, reducing the incidence of crushed or damaged cases.
  • Significant Source Reduction. A reduction in packaging material per pad produces an immediate, positive environmental impact. In addition to source reduction, more food pads on a truck means fewer total trucks shipped annually, thus reducing fuel usage and harmful emissions.

PPI's line of Zap and UltraZap absorbent food safety pads will increasingly be available in CompressionPak cases.

To learn more, contact your Paper Pak Industries Sales Manager or PPI's customer service department via email at .

Loose Stock or Roll Goods

Our absorbent products are available as individual pads packed in convenient cases or on rolls for high volume mechanical applications. To learn more, contact our Vice-President, Sales & Marketing John Terrien at (972) 377-8100 or at .

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