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UltraZapRoasterPak Improves the Shelf Appeal and Safety Of Rotisserie Chickens

Excess juice in store-packed rotisserie products can leak onto retail displays, floors, grocery carts, checkout aisles, car seats, refrigerators and kitchen counters, thus creating unnecessary safety, health, and consumer satisfaction issues.

Paper Pak Industries offers retailers an ideal way to improve the safety and appearance of rotisserie poultry and meat products.

Introducing UltraZapRoasterPak, an absorbent food safety pad designed to trap the free-flowing juices found in packages of rotisserie chickens.

UltraZapRoasterPak food safety pads offer several important features and benefits:

  • Improves the shelf appeal of rotisserie chickens and reduces the danger and inconvenience of leaking packages
  • Polymer based top and bottom layers plus a highly absorbent, strong cellulose core lock in moisture
  • Sealed sides eliminate any tearing or separating, even under pressure
  • Subtle, black UltraZapRoasterPak food pad is microwavable

To learn more about UltraZapRoasterPak food safety pads, click here.

UltraZapSafePak Protects Your Store and Customers

UltraZapSafePak is an active absorbent that maintains the safety and appearance of packaged proteins. UltraZapSafePak active pads include an anti-microbial ingredient that reduces the bacterial growth inside the food safety pad and in the purge. Learn More.

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